Two reasons why you should have your point-of-sale system's scale calibrated regularly


If the POS systems you use to carry out customer transactions feature a set of scales that are used to weigh your products, you should have these scales calibrated regularly. Continue reading to discover why. To avoid profit losses If your point-of-sale system's scale is not calibrated regularly, it may eventually provide inaccurate readings. If the scale's calibration issue causes it to underestimate the weight of the products that are placed on it, you will then end up selling your goods for less than their retail value.

6 October 2018

The Symbolism of the Different Rings You Can Buy For Your Partner

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While jewellery is typically associated with wealth and prestige, a majority of people are attached to these possessions due to sentimental reasons. A well-thought-out gift in the form of jewellery can be linked to memories and a special relationship with a person. If you are planning to purchase a ring for your girlfriend or wife, it is essential to know what the different options that you can pick out. Rings are especially a great gift since they can be used to mark special occasions and will always be a representation of that bond between you and your partner.

1 October 2018

Do You Take Line Marking for Granted?

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When you travel down the road on your way to work, do you take the infrastructure for granted like most people? Certainly, you may be operating on autopilot as you commute, but spare a thought for strangers as they try to navigate the same streets. They would find it a lot more difficult without particular road markings to help them get to wherever they need to go, and this is why engineers go to a lot of effort to make this right.

12 September 2018