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Locksmith Services – Rekeying Versus Changing Locks

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If you have lost your keys fairly recently or moved into a new home, you probably are intent on ensuring nobody else has access to your home. And once you start deliberating about this, you will find that you have the option of either rekeying the locks or switching them out them altogether. So what should you choose? This piece will delve into the difference between the changing and rekeying of your locks.

What does rekeying entail?

Rekeying refers to the process of extracting the cylinder of your original lock and replacing it with a new one. The new cylinder will have different pins or tumblers from the previous one, so the old keys cannot open it. Therefore, your current keys will be rendered obsolete. Bear in mind that the new tumblers or pins would be changed according to the key depth and size of the existing lock system. If the keys in your home are the entire same brand, you could ask your locksmith to rekey the whole house. The main benefit of rekeying is that you do not have to spend extra money buying new locks, so it is indubitably the most cost-efficient option.

What does changing your locks entail?

As implied by the name, a lock change comprises the elimination of the entire locking component. Thus, not only do you get a brand-new locking system; you also have the flexibility to choose from an array of colours, styles and brands since changing your locks allow for customisation. The main drawback of changing the lock is that it is much more expensive than merely having the lock rekeyed. Nevertheless, it does have a few pros, as mentioned below, depending on your needs.

When should you gravitate toward rekeying? 

There are several situations when rekeying will be a convenient option. Some of those situations include:

  • You do not know where the keys to your front entrance are
  • You are enamoured by the design of the lock but need to get new keys
  • You have decided to change all the locks in your home to be opened by one key
  • You need a key change on a restrictive budget

When should you gravitate towards lock changing?

Just as rekeying, lock changing does have its advantages despite its higher cost. A few of the reasons why you may need lock changing include:

  • You prefer to change the style of locks in your home
  • You want to upgrade your locking system to smart locks
  • Your lock is loose and needs repairs
  • You have moved into a new residence

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13 October 2018