Why secure document destruction is vital to your business

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Any business generates masses of paper, which has to be either stored or disposed of. You may be tempted just to put it in the bin, but, in fact, it is vitally important that you have a robust document destruction policy. Here's why. Legal compliance Firstly, privacy laws demand that any personal information should be destroyed or de-identified as far as is reasonable. There are large fines for any business that does not comply with this law, which can easily outweigh the savings you might make on not using a secure destruction service.

26 September 2019

Two Mistakes That Can Affect the Quality of the Food and Drink You Serve in Your Cafe

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It's important to ensure that every drink and meal you provide your cafe customers with is consistently fresh, delicious and properly prepared. If they notice a decline in the quality of the items they buy from you, they will probably stop visiting your cafe. Here are some of the mistakes that could potentially have a negative impact on the quality of the food and drink that you sell on your premises.

9 May 2019