Strata Management Tips

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The main challenge experienced when managing strata units is that each owner has rights regarding the use and management of the shared amenities. Therefore, they want their opinions to be incorporated into the daily running of the development. Below is a guide on how to manage strata units.  Set The Ground Rules  Ground rules will help prevent conflicts from arising due to the use of the shared property. Once the owners association is formed, the members should meet and decide how they intend to use and maintain the shared amenities.

27 April 2021

Does your ofice building need a sprinkler system?

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When you want to protect your company premises then you will ensure that you have solid security doors fitted and that all of the windows can be firmly locked to prevent unauthorised entry. However, intruders aren't the only way that your premises could be harmed. One of the most significant risks to any building comes from the possibility of fire. If a fire were to break out it could destroy your building, if the fire starts when people are in the building then there is a serious risk of the loss of life as well as property.

21 January 2021