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Top Uses of Sawdust

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Commercial carpenters produce a lot of sawdust daily. However, besides using sawdust to fill holes in wood pieces, most carpenters do not know what to do with waste sawdust. Although waste is a real problem for busy carpenters, the good news is that there is a massive market for sawdust. Therefore, sawdust presents a lucrative business opportunity. Besides, you will be surprised at the number of carpenters willing to sell you their excess sawdust. This article highlights the top uses of sawdust.


When homeowners think about mulching their lawns and gardens, wood chips are the first products they go for. However, mulch made from wood chips can be a bit pricey, something that most homeowners and businesses are not aware of since they do not have many options. Therefore, rather than spend their hard-earned money on wood chip mulch, homeowners would appreciate a cheaper alternative, which is where sawdust comes in. Unfortunately, some people think that because sawdust is more affordable, it does not perform effectively as wood chips mulch. However, nothing could be further from the truth because sawdust mulch is just as effective.

Oil Spill Sop Up

Oil, grease, and gasoline spills can be a nuisance to the environment and safety. Sadly, it is something that auto shops, marine service providers, parking lots, and other establishments have to deal with almost every day. For instance, oil spills on parking lots damage the tarmac if left intact for an extended period. While some people use sand to cover oil spills, the technique is not effective. On the other hand, sawdust has excellent absorbent properties, making it the perfect medium to sop up oil spills. Therefore, it is easy to become the sole supplier of sawdust to local establishments that struggle with oil spills every day.

Sawdust Charcoal for Barbecuing

Australians are well known for their barbecue, thanks to the increased popularity of outdoor living. However, a barbecue party cannot kick off if you have nothing to fire a grill, and while most people prefer briquettes, sawdust charcoal is a better alternative. First, sawdust charcoal generates less smoke than briquettes, making it more environmentally friendly. Additionally, less smoke makes the grilling process easy for a grill master. Sawdust also produces constant heat due to its compacted nature, ensuring sustained temperatures for an extended period. Therefore, buying sawdust, compressing it, and selling it as charcoal for barbecuing guarantees profits.

To learn more, contact a local sawdust supplier.


18 August 2021