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The Symbolism of the Different Rings You Can Buy For Your Partner

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While jewellery is typically associated with wealth and prestige, a majority of people are attached to these possessions due to sentimental reasons. A well-thought-out gift in the form of jewellery can be linked to memories and a special relationship with a person. If you are planning to purchase a ring for your girlfriend or wife, it is essential to know what the different options that you can pick out. Rings are especially a great gift since they can be used to mark special occasions and will always be a representation of that bond between you and your partner. So, what are the different things that you can buy for your partner and what do they symbolise?

An eternity ring

Some people somewhat overlook eternity rings, and this could be attributed to the fact that they may not be aware of what these rings are. Thus, when men are contemplating proposing to their partner, they usually deliberate on what engagement ring to get and the wedding bands. An eternity ring is the last ring that will complete the marital rings. Unlike engagement rings and wedding bands that are gifted at a specific time, an eternity ring can be given to your loved one at any time.

However, if you are looking for inspiration on what particular occasion to give your loved one this ring, you could consider surprising them on your anniversary or when you get your first child. Eternity rings are typically characterised by having the entire ring set with diamonds to symbolise the eternity of your relationship.

A promise ring

Promise rings were quite popular in years past, but they are no longer a staple for a majority of relationships. Nevertheless, if you want to get your partner a special present but are not ready to propose, you could consider a promise ring as the perfect gift. Promise rings are usually associated with committing to stay with your partner and have your relationship lead to marriage.

A cocktail ring

If you are scouring for a birthday gift for your loved one, you could choose to purchase a cocktail ring. Cocktail rings have a rich history as they soared in popularity during the prohibition era. Revellers would hold underground cocktail parties, and these rings symbolised the wearer's rebellion against drinking while simultaneously acting as a manifestation of their personality. Cocktail rings can be as creatively designed as you want, but the main characteristic they have is a large gemstone at the centre of the ring.

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1 October 2018