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Do You Take Line Marking for Granted?

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When you travel down the road on your way to work, do you take the infrastructure for granted like most people? Certainly, you may be operating on autopilot as you commute, but spare a thought for strangers as they try to navigate the same streets. They would find it a lot more difficult without particular road markings to help them get to wherever they need to go, and this is why engineers go to a lot of effort to make this right.

Pointing the Way

Without professional line marking services from companies like A1 Roadlines Pty. Ltd, highways and roads in your vicinity would be quite a dangerous place. Remember, those vehicles are often travelling at high speed and in close proximity, and without this type of marking, accidents would be far more commonplace. If you think how twisty and undulating some of the roads can be, it's amazing that engineers can control the situation at all.

In order to be efficient, contractors must make sure that markings are arrow-straight if necessary and always of a consistent colour, for familiarity purposes. Remember, there is a lot at stake, and these markings can often be used as evidence, should an incident of any kind take place.

Private Parking

While these markings may not be quite so crucial in an off-street environment, they're nevertheless important for a typical car park. Otherwise, there could be a free-for-all when vehicles enter into the property, for example, and this would hardly lead to an efficient use of space.

If you own such a property and rely on a constant flow of traffic for commercial purposes, you won't be able to maximise your profit without those all-important line markings. Furthermore, you may be exposed to damage claims if insufficient space is left in between vehicles.


Remember, the owner of any car park, whether private or public, has to conform to regulations which may have nothing to do with efficiency. You may need to ensure that lines are marked very clearly to indicate any high-risk areas, where visitors need to be particularly careful. You may also need to indicate areas for handicapped parking and "no-go" locations to allow access to escape routes.

Assessing Your Needs

All in all, you need to look into line marking more closely as you get ready to open a car parking facility at your new place of business. Remember to work with companies that have the best equipment available and come with a good reputation, so you can be sure of what you get.


12 September 2018