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Which Style Of Outdoor Blinds Will Be The Right Fit For Your Patio?

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If you have invested in blinds for your interior window treatments, you are probably aware of the myriad of advantages that these furnishings accord your home. With the range of styles available to you, from Roman to Venetian, you are guaranteed that you will find a variety that not only meets your needs but complements your interior décor. However, have you considered blinds for your outdoor living space? Taking into consideration that Aussie weather is conducive to outdoor living for several months in the year, an exterior space such as a patio will help you make the most of your backyard. What happens when the temperatures rise or dip severely? Alternatively, are your immediate neighbours constantly peeking into your property? Read on to establish which of the following two styles of outdoor blinds will be the right fit for your patio:

Café outdoor blinds

While café blinds are typically associated with restaurants, pubs, cafés and so on, it does not mean that they do not have a place in your residence. One of the biggest reasons why these blinds are utilised at recreational spots is that they offer insulation from the ambient temperatures, whether cold or scorching hot. If you reside by the coast, you will find these blinds are an ideal fit for your patio since they can help you control the breeze if it is too windy. In addition to this, café blinds are some of the most attractive outdoor blinds you can choose since they will still complement the appearance of the patio when they are open or shut. For added protection, you can opt for UV resistant fabric to keep harmful sun rays from penetrating your patio.

Shade outdoor blinds

If your primary reason for installing outdoor blinds on your patio is to maintain a degree of privacy, the shade variety is a great option for your needs. These blinds are manufactured from PVC mesh-like fabric that allows you to view the outdoors while preventing your neighbours the opportunity to peek into your patio. Since they are made from PVC, shade outdoor blinds are not vulnerable to premature degradation due to rot as their fabric counterparts are when exposed to moisture and humidity. In addition to this, the mesh design functions to keep annoying critters out of your exterior living space! Thus, you get to enjoy balmy summer nights outdoors without having to worry about mosquitoes and other insects. If you are under the impression that shade outdoor blinds will detract from your landscape due to the plastic look of PVC, you are mistaken. These outdoor blinds come in a variety of colours so you can match their appearance to elements in your backyard.


26 February 2020