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3 Designs You Could Deliberate on for Your Custom Patio

Patio installation provides an excellent opportunity for you to create an exterior living area on your property without having to construct an entire structure. And with Australian summers being incredibly hot, a patio is a great addition that allows you to spend time outdoors without having to endure the sweltering heat. Nonetheless, home designs have been evolving at a fast rate. Thus, it is increasingly common for homeowners to experience a few challenges when they elect to have a patio installed. A few of the problems that you could come across include a small block, an oddly shaped residence and so on. If you are having any of this trouble, you should seriously consider custom patio installation. Below are just three popular designs that you could deliberate on for your custom patio.

A custom raised patio

Flat patio design has been around for years on end. In recent times, however, the idea of the raised variety has been popular. Raised flat custom patios are low at the end of the roof and high where the patio connects to your home with space between the roofing and the edge of your home. This increased height functions to allow more natural light into your patio space as compared to the conventional flat counterparts do. Moreover, the additional height also lets in more ventilation than usual, which means you get to enjoy as much breeze as possible when on your patio. You can then choose from an assortment of roofing supplies, depending on your preferred aesthetic.

A custom skillion patio

These types of custom patios are quite similar to their raised counterparts in that one end is higher than the other. Nevertheless, the stark difference between the two is in regards to where the raised end is located. Unlike the raised alternatives, skillion custom patios will have the low end connected to the property and the high end falling away from the property. The skillion custom patio allows for better views of your property, making them perfect for homeowners with a spacious yard or the surrounding landscape at large.

A custom gable patio

Undeniably, custom gable patios are one of the most requested options, particularly among homeowners that already have gabled roofing. This type of custom patio is suitable for any property, though. The main reason that it is attractive is its pitch, which makes your outdoor area appear homey. Another benefit of installing this custom patio is you get extra space inside the patio's ridge to mount accessories such as lights, an overhead fan and so on.

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