4 Signs You Should Store Your Business Documents Off-Site


At first, storing documents away from your office might seem crazy. After all, why not keep them close for convenient access? Actually, storing documents off-site comes with several advantages. Here are just four signs you should consider off-site business documents storage.   1. Your Office Is Low on Space The most obvious benefit that comes with off-site document storage also tends to be the most persuasive; you save a considerable amount of space.

10 October 2018

Two reasons why you should have your point-of-sale system's scale calibrated regularly


If the POS systems you use to carry out customer transactions feature a set of scales that are used to weigh your products, you should have these scales calibrated regularly. Continue reading to discover why. To avoid profit losses If your point-of-sale system's scale is not calibrated regularly, it may eventually provide inaccurate readings. If the scale's calibration issue causes it to underestimate the weight of the products that are placed on it, you will then end up selling your goods for less than their retail value.

6 October 2018